The reason I started doing my nails myself was because I realized I was going to my nail guy every two weeks and paying $75 each time! Thats $1950 a year! So I started on this adventure of buying my own nail supplies…all professional grade, not “over the counter” stuff. The only thing I didn’t splurge for was the UV light, that thing was $400. The ones on Amazon were $20, so I thought I’d get what I guess would be the equivalent of a Hyundai…I spent $80. OMG, the rest…$2 here, $5 there, everything cost barely anything! They really do charge you for the labor and the shit talking! Anyway, I’m just starting out, and I’ve done my friend’s nails as well, and it may take me 5 hours, but hey, at least they look pretty with more money in my pocket.

Here are some of my creations, quite tedious, but I think they turned out pretty good for a do it yourselfer.

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