My Babies

Let me introduce you to all my babies…

This is Romie, he is attached at my hip, he’s 15 years old, I got him when he was the size of the palm of my hand. If you want to read more about Romie, click HERE.


Next comes Sammy. Sammy I chased for a mile before I finally caught him. I saw him roaming the streets in a nearby city, and when I took him to my vet and they called around, they said the vets in that city had been trying to catch him for three weeks! I actually cornered him into a Wells Fargo and caught him with a fishing net; my boyfriend at the time was a fisherman.


And finally there’s Yukon, my big want-to-make-friends-with-everyone horrible watchdog. I adopted him from “Ruff Start”, the Inmate dog training program they had at the prison I used to work at. The first day I met him I knew he was mine. He leaned on my legs, looked up at me, and we had this connection. You know how there’s that saying dog’s pick their owners? Well this was that moment. He had me at hello.

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