The Love of My Life.

I want to introduce you to the love of my life. I’ve been with him for 15 years, you can call him my college sweetheart since I met him while I was at University. I met him when I was in a dark place in my life (I’ve had many), and he came just at the right moment, you could even say he saved my life.

When we first met, we spent some time together, then I had laid eyes on another, his brother actually, but oh no, my man had none of it. He came over, interrupted my time with his brother and staked his claim. It was that moment when we fell in love. He soon was with me everywhere I went, he slept in my bed, he went out with me, he cuddled with me, he consoled me when I was sad, he danced with me when I was happy, he played silly games with me like hide-and-seek, he was my everything, he was my world. 15 years later he has remained loyal, constant, and is still my world. His name is Romie, he is the source of my joy, the center of my world, and the whole of my heart. Let me introduce you to my little man, my little chihuahua, Romie…

There was one night when I was at my friend’s house, it had already gotten dark, Romie was wandering around in the backyard, and I had been in the house taking a shower while my friends were watching him. Just as I was walking out of the room I heard this scream, a wild animalistic, beastly scream, like a baby crying only 100 times worse. I will never forget that sound, ever. I actually had to stand and listen for a few seconds, to process what the sound was, until I heard someone yell, “Romie!” Then I bolted to the door. One of my friends held me back and told me it was raccoons. Another one of my friends had gone down into the darkness to find my Romie. Suddenly there was stillness, nothing, pure silence. I felt like I stopped breathing, I was panicking, there was that flickering thought that he was dead. Minutes later, my friend came walking up holding his little body in his big giant arms, and we all immediately rushed to him. We couldn’t see anything in the dim porch light, so we brought him inside for inspection. It was there under the bright lights of the kitchen we found 14 deep wounds the large raccoon had inflicted on my little 7lb dog. Romie wouldn’t stop shaking, was bleeding everywhere, and it was 10pm at night. We found the closest emergency vet in the area and rushed him over there, with him hyperventilating the whole way. My friend comforted me the whole time in the waiting room, reminding me Romie had his rabies shot. In the end, Romie needed dressing changes and a rabies booster, but it made me realize that one day I will have to say goodbye to him, and how greatly it’s going to affect me. He’s already 15, I wish he could last throughout my lifetime, but I know he only has a few years left. I cherish my moments with him even more now, I don’t take him for granted. One time one of my exes asked me, “Who would you pick, me or Romie?” Without any hesitation I said, “Romie.” One, why would you even ask me that kind of question, and two, Romie came first, and I’ve had a lot more history with him. I guess that’s why that guy is an ex.

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