The Little One

I call her the little princess genius, a tiny human diva on her way to ruling the world, and she only just turned four. She’ll come up to me and say, “Let’s look into the mirror together,” and admire her beauty for a good 15 minutes. I admire her pure confidence, no insecurities, no self-doubt, she just knows she’s beautiful and fabulous. When I put an outfit on her, she’ll stand in front of the full length mirror, posing and twirling until I tell her we have to go. It’s the cutest thing.

Let me introduce you to this mini diva, her name is Abby, and I spoil the crap out of her, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get usual life lessons, like the value of money, work ethic, and responsibility.

Abby is incredibly intelligent, she is able to do math, knows her alphabet, can write the alphabet, and uses words like “conundrum.” And oh is she funny, the other day we were having a conversation, and since she loves tacos I told her, “Hey, did you know they have ice cream in the shape of tacos?” She looks at me and replies, “You’re the shape of a rolling pin,” because I’m so skinny!

Bwahahahaha! The quick witted humor of a four year old.

One of my favorite things she does is when she pinches her thumb and index finger together and tells me, “I love you this much.” Hold on, my dear ones, it’s a lot, because Abby goes on to say, by pointing to  the top of her index finger, “My love starts from here, and goes all the way around the world, then ends up back here,” pointing at her thumb. Cute right?

But the absolute best is when she randomly comes over, gives me a big hug, and tells me, “I love you so much Mommy Meesh.” Those moments are pure happiness.


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