Hello friends! I have a variety of items in my shop, such as women’s tops, jackets, dresses, that are new as well as Pre-loved. The pre-loved items still hold the highest standard of quality as the new merchandise, and all clothing items have never been worn more than 3 times. Beauty items are never sold half used, and powder form products have only been swatched, or gently used. All swatched or gently used beauty items have been sanitized with isopropyl alcohol. I leave detailed descriptions of their conditions in the descriptor box.
Pre-loved clothes are clothes that were loved before. Preloved items are not secondhand items but can be differentiated by the fact that they are still fashionable, gently used and in excellent condition and as good as new. Preloved items are loved, not used.




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Don’t Just Live…

Live with enthusiasm. 

Call the schoolmate you only talk to on Facebook and schedule a coffee date with them. Make at least one new connection a day. Finish that half read book…startthat book you’ve always wanted to read. Do random acts of kindness, pay for the coffee for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop, buy a homeless person a meal, buy 10 $5 gift cards, and randomly hand them out to the person behind you at the grocery store. Always end your calls with friends and family with “I love you.” Take that vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Get your passport out and go visit a foreign country…go apply for that passport! Live, really live. Live to inspire, to motivate, to have purpose. And remember, always choose kindness, show compassion, and always be brave.

Namaste everyone.


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